Thursday, October 20, 2011

Juneberry Photo Giveaway!!!

OH...MY...GOSH...I went to school with this awesome photographer and last month she photographed my long time friend's (I say long time as in I've known him since...ready....PRESCHOOL!!!!) wedding!!!

You HAVE to check her out!!!  She recently gained 1,000 fans on Facebook and is having a SWEET GIVEAWAY!!! And yes...I have gained an entry by blogging about it haha :)

What does the winner get?? WELL!!! Just a fully styled, magazine worthy photo shoot!! Hair, make-up, clothing styling, and set design...THAT WHOLE THING!!!

This awesome giveaway is sponsored by these 3 great companies:

The amazingly cute and adorable, vintage baby & children's clothing line on Etsy: 3ringcircus
This great company which is a combination of the the awesome Juneberry Photographer, Jessie Kenney, and Heather Rome, the brain behind 3RingCircus: Hey Kid!
Babiekins Magazine aka a super fantastical magazine that is geared towards everything trendy for you and your little one(s): Babiekins Magazine

Be sure to check out the whole giveaway here at Juneberry know...the fine print of rules and stuff :)

Good Luck Everyone!!!


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