Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Night Thought for my Girls

So I was thinking today...

My girls are getting so big...too fast.

Emma is 3 and Taitum is 4 months. The 3 years FLEW by and the 4 months seem like they are going by faster.

I have times where I feel like I'm neglecting Emma because Taitum needs attention (I am still breastfeeding too).

Then there are other times I feel like I'm neglecting Taitum because Emma and I are doing something that Taitum can't do yet. I, then, find myself thinking back to when Emma was that age and wonder if I'm not giving Taitum enough attention.

A lot of things change when you have a second child 3 years later.

You can't just get up and go.

You have to time your trips/errands (these are some of the times I feel like I'm not giving Emma enough attention).

You have to make sure you have enough stuff of you're going to be gone all day.

You need to make sure you're wearing "easy access" tops, as I say, if you're breastfeeding and you're on the go.

A lot...not so important I guess.

I know Taitum will be 3 in no time but then Emma will be 6!!

I know they'll be up and running around and playing together very soon.

I want that time to come sooner than later but I also want them to stay little.

Bittersweet I guess...can't have it all haha.

All in all...Emma is the best older sister Taitum could ask for. She is so gentle and fun with Taitum. Emma is the only person who can get Taitum to just stop whatever she's doing/looking at and start laughing...hysterically. Emma is already Taitum's idol and role model.

It's amazing how Taitum just watches Emma run around, sing, dance, talk, everything. There are seriously no words. It's amazing.

I hope, inside, they never grow up...laughter is the best medicine...if you take life too seriously & follow every. single. rule, it will pass you by as fast as lightning...I want them to experience the ultimate high's of life and make sure they know that when the ultimate low's come around, we will be there for them...everything, no matter how bad it hurts, everything happens for a reason...

There is SO MUCH world out there for their little eyes to see...I need a better camera ;-)


Always have fun & always stay young :)

<3, Mama


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