Monday, October 24, 2011

Fantastic weekend!!

What a great weekend! Weather was great and the kids were great!

Saturday we went to a baptism for our friends' daughter, Lily, who is a month older than Taitum. We watched from the outside side door since I have a crazy 3 year old and, not kidding, the doors were locked when we got there...then we went to the park for a YUMTASTIC BBQ and Emma ran around with Uncle Chris and anyone who would play with her haha (Dad had to work)...Oh so the slide there had like a 2 ft drop into the sandbox...I didn't know so I just told Emma "just slide down, we need to go eat" THUNK!!! And she didn't get a nap/quiet time in so instant tears/panic and then she kept asking everyone "what's your name? I hurt my butt" hahaha. She was all good. Reuben cooked up some yummy burgers & hot links & brats mmmmmm and fruits and Taitum MOWED through some avocados and then slept fantastically!! Then YUM cake!! Chocolate cake with a strawberry (I think) filling mmmm sooooooo goooooooooood. Stomach ache heaven but so worth it hahaha.

Sunday, Sunday, Suuuuunday!!!! This is my designated "day off" as long we don't have plans and Mike is home. So on Sunday my friends Jeanette and Brandy came over and Brandy brought lots of goodies (cookbooks, plastic containers, crafty stuff...she's moving to Oregon so Jeanette and I get her purge hahaha). So around 1 I think we headed to base and went through the Exchange & Commissary. Grabbed some yummy lunch at Five Guys and in between stores a yummmmmm Starbucks salted caramel mocha; aka a really bad weakness haha. Brandy scored some awesome Halloween gear and Jeanette got tons of groceries!! Super fun!! Good food, good company, good time!!

AND....My PACKERS ARE 7-0!!!!!! SO AWESOME!!!!!!!

Now it's Monday...Taitum is getting some shots today :-( so it will probably be a chillaxing day and then off to Incle Chris & Auntie Vilda's house for some MNF & Sing Off!!!

Enjoy your week!!!

PS...I've really gotta get better at taking pictures...

~ Lisa


  1. When the kids are great AND the weather rocks AND your team wins..that sounds like a great weekend to me! Your daughter is so cute!

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  2. Thanks Lindsay! I am totally digging your giveaway!


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