Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pinterest Challenge!!!


OMG...Like I'm not already totally, beyond obsessed with Pinterest...this is SUPER COOLTASTIC!!

Check this out...

YEAH!!! Found it over at The Bower Power Blog...This will be fantastic!!..I can't wait to get started...This also means I will have to create a board for the Pinerest Challenge!!!

You love Pinterest too?? GET ON THIS!!

~ Lisa


  1. ooh- i totally adore pinterest! since i have the app now, I pin in bed at night! lol, my man isn't completely fond of it, but i know that i'm just visually stimming and it makes me happy! lol. :)
    nice to meet you!

    sharde @ the style projects

  2. New follower from follow fest and complete pinterest addict also! My husband asked "Haven't you gotten to the end of pinterest yet?" I gasped and said "there is never an end to the pinning!!" Silly boys.

  3. Hahaha silly...the end of Pinterest hahaha :-). I'm super excited to start this!!! PS thanks for following!!! I'm working on how all of this works still haha

  4. We luv family blogs over @ Yo Michael Michael! Found you through October Followers Fest. Please follow back Happy Halloween :)



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