Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Beginning!!

Hi all!!!

Well, I've decided to venture into the blogging world.  I am SUPER EXCITED to share all of my ideas and projects I've completed and want to...someday...eventually...get done/finished :-).  I am HOOKED on so many blogs and they have all inspired me to get this started...especially since Facebook just isn't cutting it anymore haha.

I'm hoping this will also be my kick in the butt to get my house organized, finish my projects and start everything Pinterest and all you crafty mama's out there have inspired me to do!!

I can't wait to figure this out and get to know everyone out there!!!

PS...I know...this first post is pretty lamesauce...any tips, tricks, and advice are SO welcome!!

Much Love,

Lisa :-P

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  1. Wahoo! First follower! WARNING: Blogging is addicting!! LOL! Have so much fun girl!! XOXO!!


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