Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Halloween Pail

The making of Emma's Halloween Pumpkin Candy Pail!!!

No, it isn't perfect BUT according to Emma, she's a "lady" and I think it's pretty spiffy hahaha


Plastic Pumpkin (I got Emma's at Michael's. They're 50% off right now too)
Festive Ribbon (3 pieces)
Puffy Balls
Googlie Eyes
Felt (I used Black for the mouth & orange and yellow for the "hair"
Pipe Cleaners (I used pink for the mouth because Emma said so haha)
Hot Glue Gun

Alright...bare with me...WARNING: I DO THINGS THE HARD WAY...and then I realize there was an easier way so...I apologize in advance haha

First, you're gonna want to cut a hole in the top of your pumpkin.  I drew something that looks like a circle so I could use it as a guideline.  Don't worry about it being pretty...I'm a master at hiding imperfections heehee

Then, you are going to want to mark where you want your holes on each side for your handle.  I used a knife (I know...not safe and probably not practical..again...I do things the hard way or convenient way? haha).

Thanks to the amazing mystery box I bought from Pick Your Plum, I have festive ribbon!!!

Emma is your ultimate girly girl and I asked her what color she wanted for her handle and she said/yelled, "PURPLE!! PURPLE AND POLKA DOTS!!"...So, I used purple, purple and polka dots, and green because it's fun and we are going to braid the ribbon so create a sturdy handle.

Now, tie a knot on end so they're all connected and tape it to a surface...tape it well...or you'll get frustrated like me and end up putting your case on the end so it stops coming off while you're braiding it hahaha

Braid away!!! Make sure to not braid the entire ribbon length. Well, unless you want a cross-body handle...then go ahead haha.  PS...don't mind my kitchen table..yes it's a door...yes i LOVE I have not gotten around to getting glass for the will happen soon :)

ALRIGHT!! NOW, put your ribbon into one of the holes you created.  So HERE is my "OMG this would have been so much easier" moment..instead of taping and getting frustrated because your ribbon keeps coming up, try putting the ribbon in your pumpkin FIRST, tie the knot so it's secured to your pumpkin, and THEN braid away...easier huh?

When you tie the ends inside, I pulled the ribbon through the hole so it was easier for me tie the knot versus trying to get my hand inside the pumpkin to tie the knot

WOO! Handle...MADE!!

Now the fun part...put a face on your pail!! This looks creepy but it's what I did.  Emma said she needed an orange nose so and orange nose is what she received. get out your hot glue and glue away!! I have a love/hate relationship with mine...burning myself ALWAYS occurs!

So now you say to yourself or your computer screen "Hey Lisa...what do we do about this nasty foam stuff?" 

Well, I'm glad you asked!!!  FELT! Emma said she needed orange and yellow hair.  I cut up some random strips of the felt and then flip flopped the colors around the hole using my handy dandy glue gun. I put glue (if you can see it) on the white part and then laid the felt strips, alternating the colors, all the way around.

Then, I hot glued just a portion of the hair (like below) so the "hair" was still kind of wavy.

And this is what we came up with!!! I attempted to glue the inside with a felt "liner" but I'm not that crafty...YET.  I also made a little "bow" with some rick rack (also from my amazingly fantastical Pick Your Plum mystery box) and put a pink fuzzy ball in the middle...she's a lady remember?

And here it is!!! Yes...the mouth is a little scary...but it works :)

***We just changed the mouth to this...less...weird i guess haha...just inter-twine pipe cleaners and Emma HAD to put the pink squares on and then we hot glued it on :)

I hope you enjoyed this, I hope it made sense most of all, and it sparked some ideas!!!

~ Lisa!!


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